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That time of the year where everything has blossomed and all the foliage boasts it's brightest colors.  But just like little children wanting to play under the sun, all that grows would be wanting your heartfelt nurturing.
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Here's Great Tip No. 1:  Water, water, water.  Keep watering your plants.  But remember, for new plants, too much water and the roots will rot, but too little and they will be stressed - possibly to the point of death.  Just water enough to soak the soil, and let it dry out between waterings.  Morning is the best time to water - it's the plants' cup of coffee.  

Not sure how much watering to do?  Call us and we'll help figure it out for you.

Here's Great Tip No. 2:  Zap weeds in the cracks of your sidewalk, walkway, patio, or driveway, one by one, safely.  Fill a spray bottle with weed killer and hit each one with a strong blast.  If the weed isn't dead in a day, spray it again, it should succumb by then.  Pull weeds out by the roots. They compete with your plant, especially the new and smaller ones, hogging valuable reasources of soil nutrients, water and sunlight.  Often they harbor insects and plant diseases.  Note that it is much easier to get out the entire weed when the ground is damp, after a rain of shortly after you've watered.  

Here's Great Tip No. 3:  Remove diseased, infested, or dead leaves from ornamental plants whenever you see them.  Don't let them just fall off and hang around the base of your plants, where they can harbor and encourage problems.  Get that stuff out - way out.  Don't even toss it on your compost pile.  Send it away with the household garbage.  Keep those precious Spirals, Poodles, Pompoms, Rose Trees and Dappled Willows looking it's best by trimming new growth to keep it's gorgeous shape.  Remember, plants need food too.  Feed them regularly with right amount Evergreen and Tree and Shrub Food.

Here's Great Tip No. 4:  Mulch around the bases of your perennials, or renew depleted mulch.  The weather's getting warmer now, and the soil dries out faster; a good mulch layer really helps retain moisture.  Be careful, however, not to push the mulch flush up against the stems or crown of the plants and trees, which can invite rot.

Here's Great Tip No. 5:  Move potted houseplants outside to a patio or deck for the summer months.  The fresh air and bright sunshine will do them good.  But make the transition gradual.  If they get too much sun at first, you'll observe brown patches on the leaves which is, yes, sunburn.  Better to set them in part-day sun at first and see how they do.

But most important thing - Don't miss out on watering.

Best Thing to Do:  Book your Summer Yard Make-Over with your landscaper!   Bring summer vacation right at your home.  We'll help you transform it to the best get-away you always want to come home to.

Email us for your landscaping needs and questions.  We'll be more than happy to help.

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